Where I Work: Grace Lin, author of Starry River of the Sky

I do have a studio space where I have written and illustrated most of my books. It’s gone through a couple of reiterations (from www.gracelin.com/content.php?page=studio to www.gracelinblog.com/2010/10/revision.html).

But this first photo is where I wrote and illustrated my last two novels, Dumpling Days and Starry River of the Sky. You can see it is a rather cluttered corner, with notes, books, and beverages!

However, nowadays, with the arrival of my new baby, the studio has been mostly abandoned. It is almost completely a storage room of baby paraphernalia and I find that I am working in the living room where the baby plays! Now the clutter around me is baby toys and the baby, herself. It’s good for inspiration, at least.

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